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Are you responsible for the display of goods in your shop? Do you need durable shelving that will not rust and that you can expand at any time? We've been in the market for years and know how well a modular shelving system works to allow customers to grow. Ultra Power shelving, racks, trolleys and accessories are always a proportionate investment in your business. You're starting out - buy smaller sized metal furniture. As your stock changes and your retail and warehouse space grows, you will buy more shelving, rearrange your shelves, etc.

What features of Ultra Power shelving will work well in a shop?

Above all, we recommend you chromed shelving units with bearing-mounted swivel castors. The triple layer of chrome gives a many-year guarantee of no rust. So if you sell chemicals, juices, any liquid goods and harmful to unprotected metal - you are assured of no damage.

This also strengthens the surface and any change of assortment, transporting it with the whole rack, daily frequent use, will not be visible.All this contributes to the aesthetics and allows Ultra Power shelving to be used not only in the backroom, in the warehouse, but also on the shop floor where customers make their choice. The castors, on the other hand, make it easy to transport the merchandise and position it in such a way that it optimally influences the desire to buy.

The second advantage that shop owners and managers most often tell us about is the choice of dozens of dimensions for the structure. Thanks to simple assembly, you can reduce or increase the display or storage area. You can place small trolleys with shelves in any place, collect an assortment on promotion or a product you just want to highlight, or complement an offer nearby, although it does not belong to a particular department.

sturdy metal racks with several hundred kilograms of load capacity


modular metal racks covered with 3 layers of chromium

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certified metal racks

PZH certified product

Modular shelving systems, metal shelving for expansion, rack lines

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Advantages of Ultra Power dedicated shelving for shops:

  • durability - super strong shelves up to 290kg and 900kg for the whole rack !!!
  • metal covered with special layers - chrome plated, rust resistant,
  • high quality construction,
  • easy assembly,
  • modular system with adjustable shelves,
  • Affordable price = cost savings.


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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