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Health care and medical research facilities are places of particular social importance and at the same time require appropriate resources and procedures. Are you responsible for furnishing a hospital? Are you looking for furniture for your medical facilities? Need to arrange medical supplies? Ultra Power has the answer to all these questions - chrome-plated metal shelving systems lub shelves and racks with anti-bacterial coating.

An important advantage of the modular solution is its universal expandability. Changes in the construction, e.g. the distance between the shelves, number of shelves, elements of non-standard shape, allow for free changes of the storage area, application of ergonomic solutions, facilitating segregation, organisation, order and comfortable issuing and receiving of assortment, medical supplies, medicines and other items.

In the Ultra Power shop You will find dozens of racks in various sizes. You can assemble and disassemble in a very short time. It requires no tools and is fully scalable.

sturdy metal racks with several hundred kilograms of load capacity


modular metal racks covered with 3 layers of chromium

chromium-plated steel

cheap metal racks

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certified metal racks

PZH certified product

Modular shelving systems, metal shelving for expansion, rack lines

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metal racks easy to assemble

easy to assembly

Advantages of Ultra Power racks dedicated to the medical industry:

  • Super heavy duty shelves up to 290kg and 900kg for the whole rack !!!!
  • Galvanizing + Epoxy resin as scratch-resistant corrosion protection!
  • The noMICRO coating is an antimicrobial protection which is harmless to humans and animals and kills bacteria, mould, fungi etc.
  • High quality workmanship , lowest price in Poland !
  • It is resistant to humid weather conditions - use in cold stores and freezers is possible
  • Shelves covered with a layer of galvanized and abrasion resistant epoxy resin
  • It is 40% cheaper than stainless steel shelving
  • Shelves adjustable in 2.5 cm increments - very easy to retrofit with additional shelves
  • Racking can be connected in series
  • Anti-corrosion warranty

Ultra Power metal shelving is used in health care and related facilities such as: emergency rooms, veterinary operating theatres, drug stores in pharmaceutical plants or dentist's surgeries. In our offer it is worth noting the products used as trolleys for transporting bed linen, trolleys for delivering meals in a hospital ward and racks for everyday use in the kitchen of sanatoria, hospitals.

The most widespread use of universal metal shelving and equipment with antibacterial coating and chrome plating is in hospitals. Here, they are useful in practically every location. The emergency room (ED), i.e. all admission and emergency departments. All bedded hospital wards unified, anaesthesiology, intensive care (ICU). The operating theatre as a place requiring special supplies and a high level of hygiene, while at the same time being organised at the highest level and facilitating access to the necessary tools and aids. The dialysis station, where the patient is temporarily housed but also needs to be segregated under hygienic conditions. Similarly, a sterilisation room, where the noMICRO antimicrobial coating, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, will be an invaluable asset!


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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