Ultra Power modular metal shelving



Wire chrome shelving

super durable, easy to install very modern

Cold store shelving

with noMICRO antibacterial coating

Baker's shelves

Do you want to bake perfectly crusty bread?
Ultra Power bakery carts


Application Ultra Power

Ultra Power racks have a wide range of applications. Opt for flexibility of configuration, durability, resistance to exceptional conditions such as: very low or high temperatures, bacteria, frequent use!
See the most popular industries where metal shelving and trolleys work perfectly!

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shelving for back shop

Metal shelving for a shop or shop warehouse for storing food and nofood items. Withstands heavy loads and allows convenient stacking of goods.

metal catering racks, modular catering racks,
horeca shelving

Racks for the catering industry made of metal and adapted to the storage of articles and foodstuffs. Enabling production to be organised at every stage and supporting transport.

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bread racks on castors, bread roll racks, bread racks for stacking, heat-resistant racks
heat resistant, bread racks

Polish racks and trolleys for bakeries - an invaluable aid in the process of preparing baked goods, conveniently transporting them within the plant and facilitating distribution outside the company.

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hospital bookcases, drugstore bookcases, medical device bookcases, drugstore bookcases, medical product storage
medicines, racks for storing products for medical purposes

Durable and safe shelving used in medical warehouses, hospitals and clinics. Metal modular furniture with a proprietary noMICRO antibacterial coating!

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The PDF version of the catalog presents the use of Ultra Power shelves. We encourage you to download it

katalog tło


Create your own shelving configuration in the special configurator. You will immediately know its price and will be able to place an order.

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UPP 24 years in the market from production to distribution all over the world

We have been taking care of quality for 24 years by constantly controlling the entire process from production to delivery. That's why our customers across Europe love the Ultra Power brand

Ultra power start production process

The begining of production - wire first .

Ultra power  production process

Then the production process.

Ultra power storage after packing

Storing the finished product, ready for packaging.

Ultra Power delivery

after few weeks ready do ship all over the world

Online Store

We encourage you to purchase at the Ultra Power online store!
You'll find ready-made shelving as well as shelves and other necessary accessories, allowing you to create a customized storage space for your warehouse, business, store, basement, garage and more!
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